Take Your Credit To New Heights

Part of our mission at Omega Credit Repair is to optimize your credit by challenging and removing inaccurate credit data. The results? More choices for your future. When it comes to credit, negative marks are only half of the damage. We will show you how to generate positive credit history. Check out our packages and start improving your credit today.

"Omega Credit repair was excellent in helping me work to remove negative items from all three major credit bureaus. I had no idea my student loans were impacting my credit! Now, I can finally begin applying for a mortgage."

Xavier Bravo


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Omega helped me organize my debt and begin repairing, so I could buy a new home. If I tried to do this on my own, I don’t know where my credit would be. They are extremely savy and knowledgeable. I will recommend them to anyone who needs help on repairing their credit.'

Nina Perez


“This is a great service, they stay in contact and give great advice. I could check my dashboard as little or as much as I wanted. This seemingly impossible task became manageable with their help. I recommend their service to anyone who is serious about their credit.”

Patricia Lewis


“Omega is a life saver. After just three months, I can already see a few changes. The communication and customer service is refreshing. They go above and beyond for their clients. I could not be happier with the services.”

Victor Ward


Think of Credit Repair Like an Investment...

A little effort today could lead to thousands of dollars in savings tomorrow. We offer a variety of service levels to support every budget. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the right service for your unique circumstance.

Check out our process and start improving your credit score today.

The Basics

To improve your credit score, you can pay your bills on time, pay debt down, maintain your current accounts, get different types of credit and avoid applying for new credit frequently. However, even with all that effort, your credit reports could contain negative items that are unfair or inaccurate that you may not be aware of. These negative items can effect your credit score up to 100 points each and can effect your access to mortgage and auto loans, cause high interest rates for credit cards, and limit job and apartment applications. 

At Omega Credit Repair, we work with these bureaus, collection agencies, and law firms everyday. Let us create more choices for your future.

What is credit repair?

Credit repair is the process of addressing any negative items that could be hurting your credit score. If one of the three major bureaus and your creditors can’t prove these items are fair, accurate and substantiated, they are required by law to remove them. 

How long does Omega Credit Repair typically take?

Everyone’s credit history is different. The amount of time it takes before you begin to see changes or positive improvements on your credit depends on your specific case. Typically, our clients start seeing results in four to six months.

What sort of items can be removed from my credit report?

Any negative item that is inaccurate, unfair or unverified can be challenged with the bureaus and your creditors. This includes collections, late payments, charge-offs, liens, bankruptcies, repossessions and more.

How much does a negative item affect my score?

Items vary, but single negative item, such as a late payment, on your credit could cost you over 100 points.

What is a FICO® Score?

Your FICO® Score is determined by the information on your credit report. While FICO® doesn’t collect the data themselves, it’s their algorithm that determines your score. Considering their score is used in 90% of all lending decisions, it’s very important to know where you stand. 

Take Your Credit To New Heights

How It Works


We analyze your credit report and identify inaccurate negative items that are wrongfully hurting your score. This helps us form a customized solution for your particular case.


We communicate with these third parties to agree on removing derogatory notations as well as insuring that they comply with all state and federal regulations. Then, we directly contact the bureaus to confirm appropriate changes have been made. We have extensive knowledge of law and how the bureaus operate and we use an arsenal of aggressive tactics to get you the best results possible.


We manage your progress to help you reach your goals, while you get updates from a personal online portal with a credit score tracker.